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Human ingenuity is remarkable!

Suka bersosialisasi? Yu kita bahas. 

Suka bersosialisasi? Yu kita bahas. You don’t want to miss this video. Video ini dipersembahkan oleh EYL Pro Consulting, konsultan di Indonesia di bidang sains dan teknologi. Hubungi kami untuk info lebih lanjut. SciTech, You Way! #socialization #wellbeing #reasontosocialize #consultant #science #indonesia #technology #EYLpro #eyl #eylproconsulting

Indonesia’s 10 extreme culinary: Dare to take a bite?

Join us on a culinary odyssey with EYL Pro Consulting as we explore Indonesia’s diverse and daring cuisine. From Scorpion Satay to Snake Rica-Rica, our journey takes us through the extraordinary world of Indonesian delicacies. Discover the unique flavors, cultural significance, and nutritional surprises behind these exotic dishes. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons with these extreme foods of Indonesia. #IndonesianCuisine #ExtremeEats #CulinaryAdventure #indonesia #extreme #culinary #EYLpro #eylproconsulting #consultant #science #technology #culture

Unveiling the dark side of AI

As we shed light on the frequently disregarded complexities of artificial intelligence, get ready to delve into the shadows. Join us on a journey that reveals ethical dilemmas, examines our views, and ignites discussions about the overlooked impacts of AI on our world. This video is presented by EYL Pro Consulting, a consulting firm in Indonesia that focuses on science and technology. Please visit us at #ai #artificialintelligence #EYLProConsulting #EYLPro #consultant @Scienceandtechnology #Scitechyourway #Indonesia #Science #humanity #threatintelligence #Threat

Do not worry, EYL Pro Consulting is here for you!

Embark on a journey of groundbreaking innovation with EYL Pro Consulting, your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic realms of science and technology. 🚀🔬 🔍 Curious minds and visionary thinkers unite in this captivating video, where we delve into the heart of EYL Pro Consulting. As a premier consulting company, we are here to guide businesses, researchers, students, and organizations toward transformative breakthroughs. 💡 🎯 Our comprehensive suite of services includes strategic advisory, technology roadmapping, R&D optimization, market analysis, and more. With a finger on the pulse of industry trends and an eye on the future, EYL Pro Consulting guides you toward informed decisions that drive unparalleled growth. 📈 Our commitment remains unwavering: to catalyze innovation, foster resilience, and shape a future where science and technology converge to build a better world. 🎬 Are you ready to unlock your full potential and shape tomorrow’s discoveries? Subscribe, like, and hit the notification bell to stay updated on our upcoming video series. 📱contact us for more info. EYL Pro Consulting, SciTech Your Way! #InnovateSciTech #ScienceAndTechnologyConsulting #InnovationUnleashed #EYLPro #science #technology #consultant

Indonesia’s 10 Lesser Known Foods

Are you a culinary enthusiast ? This video is for you! Buckle up as we embark in a few of Indonesia’s lesser known foods ranging from ant eggs, lontar and moringa leaves, sago flour, and others from across the archipelago. Stay tuned for more with what Indonesia has to offer. This video is presented by EYL Pro Consulting, a consulting firm based in Indonesia. Trust your science and technology work with us, lets work together. EYL Pro Consulting, SciTech Your Way!

Apa Sih Istimewanya Makanan Kaleng?

This video is presented in Indonesian Language, for English version please see the video below. 

Tahukah kalian bahwa makanan kaleng yang kalian lihat di supermarket memiliki nilai signifikan dalam mengurangi sampah makanan yang dapat membusuk?  Jika kalian tertarik untuk mengetahui bagaimana proses pengalengan makanan dan sejarah penemuan teknologi ini, silakan simak video ini. Video ini dipersembahkan oleh EYL Pro Consulting, , perusahaan jasa konsultasi di Indonesia untuk bidang sains dan teknologi.  EYL Pro Consulting, SciTech Your Way!

Canned Foods to the Rescue

Do you know that canned foods that you see in the grocery store aisle may look just like usual food, nothing special, but actually, the invention of canning technology has significantly reduced food waste by extending the shelf life of otherwise perishable foods. If you are interested in the process of canning foods and its technology, this video is for you. Please leave a comment and subscribe our channel. This video is presented by EYL Pro Consulting,  a consulting firm in the field of science and technology based in Indonesia.  SciTech Your Way!

Lab Grown Meat to the Table

Lab grown meat or cultivated meat or cultured meat has made it to the market. It is made possible by the hardwork of scientists and industries in implementing advancement in science and technology. The motivation behind the innovation includes the continue increase of global population and concerns over sustainability of the current meat production. EYL Pro Consulting is a consulting firm in the field of science and technology based in Indonesia.  SciTech Your Way!

Limited resources might be a challenge to translate our inspirations into a reality. These stories of humble beginnings of well known giant companies are great examples of looking at opportunities to be creative even in a humble garage. Let’s make your science and technology idea into reality, SciTech Your Way!

Your kitchen is your lab.

Your kitchen might resemble a science laboratory.  Look around, you might be a scientist!


Serendipity is a pleasant surprise. Watch the video for the significance of serendiptious moments in the advancement of science.

Are you ready for your serendipty?

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